True Hero? is released today!

A few days earlier than expected! The ebook version is available now, the paperback version will be available in the coming days. Here is the blurb

“As the most popular superhero in the world, Stella Stargirl has it all; fame, fortune, legions of adoring fans, a place on the world’s best superhero team and even a number 1 hit single to her name.

Stella, however, has a secret that even she doesn’t know. She is a fraud. An average-powered hero who stood on the shoulders of giants and got all the glory whilst her more powerful teammates did all the work.

When a new supervillain appears on the scene, one who manages to de-power the world’s heroes, Stella decides it is time to put aside her self-doubts and show the world that fraud or not, she can be a true hero.”

And here are the Amazon purchase links!…0212497&sr=1-1…0212318&sr=1-1

I’ll also be organising a book giveaway when I get back home from Sri Lanka tomorrow!

Hope y’all buy a copy!!!