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Stella Stargirl interviews Feeror . . .

Hello fans!

 It’s time to introduce the first very special guest to be interviewed by your favourite superhero, yours truly!

His name is Feeror, a reptilian alien from the planet Volgon (I’ve always wanted to fight an alien, that would be front page news for sure!)

Question 1: First of all, welcome to earth. How are you enjoying our planet?

Your planet is very different from mine. You have great animals perfect for hunting ***shows fangs in feral grin***

Question 2: So, first of all I’ve never heard of Volgon, what’s your home planet like, where is it and how does it compare to Earth?

My planet is very different from yours. Our sky is green, not this strange pale blue. And we also do not have a moon, and there are very few stars. Our enemy, the Gorkons, used a terrible weapon that killed off all plant life, leaving our planet desolate and lifeless. The smell of the green grass and trees is rather intoxicating.

Question 3: Wow, life sounds pretty harsh for you but what about your race? You haven’t secretly infiltrated the world’s governments like nutters like David Icke claims have you? (And if you have, you better prepare to face the might of The Empire!) What special skills have your race got, what makes you different from humans? You know, any information we can use against you IF you do try to invade 😉

Our strength is far superior to that of your puny race. Our skin is scaled and tough, but our armor makes us very nearly invincible. And our plasma rifles are far superior to your guns. But we have a new weapon, a secret weapon that can kill with sound. If my race so chose, we could wipe this planet clean.

Question 4: You are one of your home-planets chosen? Is that like been a superhero but without the cool capes? What do all the Chosen do exactly and are they chosen?

The Chosen are a group chosen by fate to save the galaxy from the Mekan threat. The Chosen come from four planets: Volgon (which you already know), Astra, Kromin, and Earth. Oh yes, your world is also a part of this destiny. The prophecy is cryptic at best, and it is not yet clear exactly how we are to fight the Mekans. But since fighting is what my planet does best, I am up for the challenge. ***wicked gleam in reptilian eye***

Question 5: And this threat to the galaxy you aim to stop, what exactly is it? And why haven’t you asked for my help? I’m the world’s best hero you know. (And a multi-platinum singer 😉 )

The Mekans are a mechanical race, whose size and power is enough to destroy entire planets. I do not know where they come from, and quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. There is a threat; I aim to fight it. And if you want to know why you haven’t been asked, ask the Masters from the planet Gentra. They are the ones who have the prophecy.

Question 6: And how do you plan to save the galaxy? Love, cuddles, flowers and negotiation or just flat out destroy your foes? I’m hoping for the latter, I love a good battle. A battle means publicity which means newspaper headlines . . . But I guess that doesn’t mean much to you right? It is not known how we to are to save the galaxy, only that we must do so, or everyone in the galaxy will be destroyed.

Question 7: How come you haven’t managed to defeat the Gorkons yet? Are they really that powerful or have you just been extremely unlucky against them? We are at an ugly stalemate. We are too evenly matched. But the sound weapon I helped to create will hopefully bring our enemies to their knees.

Question 8: The Gorkons sound pretty nasty, do they pose a threat to earth? Earth is too far away for the Gorkons to pose a threat. At least, unless they manage to develop hyperspeed capabilities.

Question 9: Moving away from your conflict with the Gorkons. Let’s talk about you. I’ve never met an alien before so, how was your childhood and what were your family like? If aliens have a childhood that is, I don’t know. Maybe you have larvae form or something.

Our pups are strong. Those that aren’t are put to death, their bodies recycled to make gruel for the rest of the colony. My sires were killed in skirmishes soon after I was old enough to wear armor. We do not treat our pups like soft, weak thing like your race does. It would mean their death.

Question 10: Did you always want to be one of the Chosen or were you reluctant about it?

 We Chosen did not have a choice. Prophecy chose us for a duty, and we must see it done. Many have tried to balk, but their path seems to already be laid before them. In the end, they do what must be done to save the galaxy.

Question 11: Finally, do you have any messages you want to share with any of the legions of Stella Stargirl fans? Be strong and be vigilant, lest your enemies prevail.

Thankyou for appearing Feeror and best of luck!

Wow, a pretty interesting first guest! I hope all my future guest characters are as colourful as him. Now, my fellow fans (I need a collective name for them, maybe Starlites? Stellaites? Anyone got a suggestion feel free to message me!) I must be off to film a new perfume advertisement (It’s a stressful life being a superhero 😉 )

Thanks for reading!

Love & Peace



Feeror is the main character from the talented Shay Fabbro’s novel The Chosen: Book one of the Portals of Destiny. Here is the link to Shay’s website containing information about the novel, reviews and links where it can be purchased.


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6 responses to “Stella Stargirl interviews Feeror . . .

  1. ralfast

    Glad he is on our side, I think…. 😉

  2. Nyte ⋅

    Cool interview, I look forward to others that you do Stella!

  3. Elise

    Great interview Stella! Feeror is a fierce fellow 🙂

  4. HA! Great interview, Stella!!! 😀

  5. stellastargirl ⋅

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    My next guest should be fun too, a near 800 year old half-vampire who I must say, looks pretty good for her age 😉

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