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Stella Stargirl inteviews Valeska Gorstef

Hiya folks! Fresh of the back of my latest victories (I stopped two robberies AND saved a young girl from a burning building, check out the news report in tomorrows papers 😉 ) I’m pleased to say I’ve got a second guest to be interviewed for my blog!

 Valeska Gorstef, who I have to say looks pretty darn good for a 793 year old.

 Question 1: So, Valeska. First of all I’ve gotta say I’ve always wanted to meet a vampire. How did you get sired? Do real vampires use ‘sired’ or is that just a Buffy thing?

Some say sired, embraced, or given the eternal kiss.  I’m actually a Damphier or half vampire. My mother was human and my father a vampire.

Question 2: Vampires are pretty popular at the moment. How do you feel about books like Twilight’s portrayal of Vamps? 

Twilight is a nice fairy tale for children but I think Count Chockula is more of vampire than Edward. We live in a world where the strong survive. A weepy boy would be eaten by dawn.

Question 3: So, if you could meet a fictional vampire then which one would it be? I’m a Blade fan myself, he’s pretty cool.

 I think Blade and I share a similar philosophy. I don’t hate my kind but there are some I have no problem turning to ash. 

 Personally I think I would like to meet Aaron Gray, The Breed.  He’s a full vampire but he was able to make peace with what he is.  I wouldn’t mind sitting down for a cup of coffee and some advice on that.

Question 4: How true are the old myths of Vampires? Are you really allergic to garlic, sunlight, afraid of crosses etc? They’re pretty major weaknesses, is there a way that you can overcome them?

For a full vampire sunlight is deadly the older they are the quicker they crisp. They are sensitive to silver ,also, it can slow the healing of the wounds to almost human. Religious symbols don’t have any effect. A vampire in my… family is a priest.

For me being half, I can walk in daylight and handle silver.  I think there must be these major weaknesses to counter the great strengths.  The only real way to completely destroy one for sure is by taking out head and heart.

Question 5: So, what exactly does a vampire do for a living? Do you spend your time in a darkened castle plotting vampire things and occasionally leaving to feast on the blood of the innocent?

I’m sure there are some Dracula style vamps out there. I own Black Knight Securities. Our primary business is personal protection or bodyguarding. We also offer bail bonds and bounty hunting. I try to keep my plotting to protect my clients. 

I’m not opposed to hunting down a rogue vampire or other preternatural for … disposal when necessary.  We’re hired to expect trouble and when it comes. I’m ready.

As far as bloodlust… while a normal vampire must feed more often. I only have to do so every three days. I don’t… drink from humans. There are ways to get blood with out doing harm. I have a contract with a blood bank for their rejected bags.  I prefer a cup of strong coffee personally.

Question 6: A Vampire-run protection and bounty hunter service, that sounds pretty cool. Do people know you’re a vampire when they use your services or is it a big shock to them when they find out?

I keep what I am a secret. There have been a handful of humans in my 700 years that know. Marcus is my right hand, was the only one. That is until my last case no one had discovered it. When vampires went after my client I was forced to reveal what I am. It was quite a shock to my client and employees. 

Question: 8: What made you decide to form Black Knight anyway? Was it purely for the money or did you have some sort of higher purpose in mind there?

Black Knight is a way for me to use my abilities for something good. It also gives me a great deal of access to sources for hunting darker things than bad humans. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do enough good to balance my dark side with the light.  Of course the money isn’t bad either.

Question 9: Have you ever run into any vampire hunters trying to, well hunt you? How did that turn out?

 I’ve never been hunted by humans. Thanks to my human blood I look perfectly normal unless I chose other wise. Vamping out as my tech guy, Travis calls it.  I have been hunted by vampires. But being Damphire gives me an advantage when the fangs come out.

Question 10: How come you don’t go public? With the public’s love of vampires you could become a major superstar. Maybe not as major as me but still, you might reach the B-list as they say.

I think Alex Blazen would disagree with you. It makes a great story and fun to fantasize about sensual creatures of the night. Reality is much darker. Most people don’t want to know that there really is a monster under the bed.  

Question 11: Many people would love to be a vampire. Live for ever, never grow old, all the perks of super-strength and heightened senses? Being a vampire is considered to be almost as cool as being a superhero. Why do you think that is and why, do you seek to live a more human life whilst many humans wish to be a vampire?

Being vampire can be very romantic. I have traveled the world, seen history take place. I watched da Vinci paint once. On the other hand, I’ve held those I love as they die of old age or sickness, while I stay young and healthy. The town I was born in doesn’t even exist now. Not to mention if you don’t feed the bloodlust takes you. Makes you into a relentless murderer until the thirst is satisfied. 

Being Damphire is worse I don’t fit in the human world and I don’t fit in the vampire one either. I’m caught between them. There are just too many graves to visit and too much blood on my hands.

I want the joys of love and family. The white picket fence dream that all little girls have. I don’t think it’s possible for half a monster. My life is filled with too much violence. I can’t exactly approach a parent and say. “Your kid bullies mine again I’m going to suck him dry.” Not really PTA material.

Question 12: Do vampires pose a threat to humanity at all? Should I start preparing to take down some vamps as well as the usual super-villains and criminals? 😉

Most vampires live among humans living life in the night. They probably own your favorite night club or all night grocery. There are some who go rogue if I hear about it they usually don’t live to see the next moon rise. I’m sure they try to stay as far under your radar as they can, Stella.

Question 13: Okay, thank you for been a guest on my blog and answering questions for my many fans to read. Are there any last comments you’d like to add?

Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure to meet a real superhero. If I may ask, would you sign a couple of autographs? If I come home without one Travis and Marcus may stake me in my sleep.

Of course! I do anything for my many fans !!! Give Travis & Marcus my best and, I’ll try and get you tickets for when the Stella Stargirl movie comes out too!

Anyway Stellaites, that was the lovely Miss Gorstef from Black Knight Securities, dropping by to answer my questions. Next time, the blog takes a turn for the worst as I have a real-life supervillain as my guest!

Love & Peace!



Valesta Gorstef is the maian character from the excellant novel ‘Half’ by the talented Elise VanCise. She can be found at and where links to buy her novels can be found.


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6 responses to “Stella Stargirl inteviews Valeska Gorstef

  1. AWESOME!! Valeska is such a fascinating character!! :)))

  2. Elise

    Thanks Shay 🙂 and Big thanks to Stella and Jack for having Velska visit!

  3. stellastargirl ⋅

    I’m glad you enjoyed the interview!

    Valeska was a lovely guest to have (And she wanted my autograph too!)

  4. Lindz ⋅

    Wow, I’d love to hire a half-vampire for protection!

    Cool interview Stella.

  5. MissAngel ⋅

    I love Vampire books. Thanks for posting Stella, this is a novel which I’ll definitly check out the reviews for.

  6. stellastargirl ⋅

    @ Lindz: A superhero is better protection 😉 At least, a superhero as good as me anyway.

    @ Miss Angel: Glad you liked it 🙂

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