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Ahhhhh sidekicks, they’ve been a staple of superheroes in comic books, cartoons and movies for years but. . . no reallife heroes really seem to have them.

Many of my fans have asked “Hey Stella, why don’t you get a sidekick?” or even “Can I be your sidekick please Stella?”

Well, I just don’t think they work in real life. A hero has to be alert, she has to ready for anything, fully focussed on the task at hand. A hero can’t be wasting time worrying about the wherabouts of a spotty-faced teenager in too-tighy spandex who has somehow managed to get kidnapped and strapped to a giant laser or been suspended over a vat of sharks.

Sidekicks are more bother than they’re worth. They lead to nothing but trouble and just cause problems for the hero. My friend, Lancaster had a sidekick once called Halifax (This was a time when heroes went through a patriotic spell of naming themselves after WW2 warplanes) and Halifax ended up getting captured no less than 4 times, tricked into letting the fabled Mistress Pain escape, got beat up on 10 occasions and contributed nothing at all. He was a laughing stock and the last superhero sidekick.

Besides, there was also the issue of a male in his 30’s hanging around with a 14 year old boy whilst wearing spandex costumes that some people found to be a little bit odd πŸ˜‰

I almost had a sidekick. There was a spell when shock of shocks, ratings for the Stella Stargirl tv series plummetted to an all time low. My manager thought the solution was to give me a sidekick to help get more interest. Well, that was a disaster. The little twerp thought he was the best thing going even though he didn’t know the difference between a laser blast and a laser pen.

Plus, he always called me “Double S” which got on my nerves big style!

Needless to say, I shot down that stupid suggestion and thankfully remained sidekick free!

Anyway, that’s all for my rant on sidekicks πŸ˜‰

Love and Peace

Stella Stargirl


About stellastargirl

Hmmmm, where to start! I expect most folks who visit my website already know who I am. Unless you'ver been living under a rock or, unless you've had your mind wiped by a supervillain (Hey, it happens sometimes! Early on in my career I had to take out a villain who could wipe peoples minds, read about it in my autobiography!) Anyway, I'm Stella Stargirl. The world's most popular, most powerful and greatest superhero. I also won FHM's best hair award three years running and, my debut single was in the top-sellers chart for over 18 weeks! For those few who don't know about me (shame on you!) I'm 23 years old and have been working alongside Britain's main superhero team, The Empire for five years now. Of course, I'm the most popular member but they pull their weight during missions too! I don't want to get all the credit. :) Anyway, this is my blog where I will be blogging about my daily life as the most popular superhero in the world! I hope you enjoy it!

4 responses to “Sidekicks!

  1. You don’t need a sidekick Stella πŸ™‚ You’d just out shine them anyways.

  2. stellastargirl ⋅

    That I would, I outshine even the brightest of stars πŸ˜›

    Even Chuck Norris once asked to be my sidekick and I refused since he’d drag me down πŸ˜‰

  3. RobinTheBoyWonder ⋅

    Hey hey hey!

    Us sidekicks aren’t all bad. I saved Batman’s worthless ass countless times.

  4. stellastargirl ⋅

    That’s because Batman isn’t as powerful as I am πŸ˜‰

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