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Interview with Chester!

Hello Stellaites! Glad you’re here to join me once again for yet another interview! (Folks are queuing up for miles to be interviewed by a real life superhero 😉 )

This weeks guest is a very strange (but surprisingly handsome man) from a very strange town. He is, Chester!

Question 1: Hello Chester, I’m glad you agreed to be a guest on my blog. So, you’re from Clocktown, care to describe the place and how it differs from England, America etc?

Clocktown is the only place in my world, there are no others, just the Forest. Clocktown is very young, only a few hundred years old, but our technology in the West has advanced, in some cases, far beyond that of your world. This is a fact I pride myself on.

Question 2: What’s the differences between east and west Clocktown? Do both sides get along or is there like, a simmering rivalry?

There’s a well established mistrust between the sides. East Clocktown is disorganized and preoccupied with the Forest and the powers it posesses. In the West we are more concerned with progress, scientifically, medically, and socially. Our buildings, for example, are very tall, whereas in the East many live in tents, or very small two-room houses. The West is surrounded by a wall which negates most Forest influence.

Question 3: And what’s your job in Clocktown?

For all intents and purposes, I fill the role of the Mayor. Mayors were done away with officially some years ago, but no one cares to call me anything else.

Question 4: Mayor of a place like that must be pretty hard work. Ever have any trouble that you need to deal with?

There’s a constant need to ensure the separation of the East from the West, as their influence always brings down the society of the West. Beyond that, some minor issues with the workers in the Water Mines, but it is nothing more than a trifle, really.

Question 5: How about abilities, come on, a mayor like you surely has some sort of awesome skills that you use right?

 I can change things. Anything into anything else. It does betray some Eastern blood, but there’s hardly anyone to question me. Especially when I can change them.

Question 6: That sounds. . . powerful! I’m sure glad none of the supervillains who I have faced have got that sort of power. How did you get this gift of yours, is it natural or something you picked up via a magic staff or something?

As I said, it betrays some Eastern affiliation; it’s an ability given from the Forest, which sometimes bestows powers on people with faerie blood, but does so without any sense or reason.

Question 7: And, if you don’t my asking. What do you prefer to change people into? Just random objects or is there something in-particular?

You suggest I only change people. Untrue. Though people have their own pleasure for changing. Books are my passion, and my library is filled with quite a collection.

Questions 8: Books, odd. . . and also pretty cool (And evil !!! As a superhero I shouldn’t be saying that’s cool should I?) Why books, why not. . . toys or toads?

Hardly evil. No one is missed or valued. Books are more interesting, quite simply, than people could hope to be. I enjoy falling in the words on the page.

Question 9: So, what sort of books does each person turn into? Is it random or does it depend entirely on what life they’ve lived or what the persons like?

You are lingering on this overly long, are you not? People tend to change into books based on their experiences or passions. The story at their core, you could say. So few people cut to their core in everyday life.

Question 10: So I would turn into a book about superheroes right? (Don’t try it I don’t wanna end up on a bookshelf!!!!)

You hardly interest me enough to be worth changing, but in all likelihood, you would turn into a book about your unique occupation.

Question 11: Is there any special book that you hold dear? Which is your favourite?

Yes. It is a book with no title.

Question 12: What sort of book do you think you would turn into?

I would not. No one would desire to read it, and there would hardly be a point.

Question 13: Have you ever regretted it? You know, turning someone into a book?


Question 14: Moving on from the books, which I am starting to find pretty creepy. Do you have any family members?

Thank you. As a matter of fact, I have a twin brother, a very odd man. There is a girl who is our sister, but not.

Question 15: And what do they do, do you all get along as one big happy family?

They do things I do not understand. We do not get along very often.

Question 16: What sort of books do you think your family would turn into? (Dammit! I’ve got to the creepy stuff again. It is kinda cool though 😉 )

Books I would never read. I have no desire to think about it.

Question 17: What other goings on are there in Clocktown? People of interest? Any other folks with magical abilities?

Lately, we have made significant advances in the Hospital district, the center for scientific progress, in correcting gene mutation. In addition to that, there is the annual ball that Daina Bonville holds in just a month, an excruciating affair, but there is very fine food. Lately I hear rumor there is a sort of serial killer on the loose and possibly a new resident in the Clocktower, both of whom, I understand, are Eastern blooded, and very likely have powers, though quite unlike my own.

Question 18: What would you say to somebody wanting to visit?

Avoid the Pit, avoid the girls in the Pit in particular, but if you find yourself there, the teahouses are exquisite.

Question 19: Finally, you’ve been an interesting guest on my blog. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I am always a person of interest. Thank you for your courtesy, visitor from another world. If you find yourself in West Clocktown, don’t hesitate to peruse the library of the Mayor’s offices.

Well, thankyou to Chester for agreeing to be a guest on my blog! Hope all my fans enjoyed the interview!  Afraid I can’t stick around and chat, some crime needs fighting 😉

Love & Peace


Chester is a character from the collection of short stories Porcelain: Stories from Clocktown by Karly Abreu.

It is available to purchase from Amazon and more information plus other stories set in Clocktown can be found at

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4 responses to “Interview with Chester!

  1. very good – creepy changing people into books but oh what a collection of interest it could be – I liked it

  2. Thanks for interviewing my boy, Stella!

  3. Lindz ⋅

    Great interview Stella! My favourite one yet 🙂

  4. stellastargirl ⋅

    Glad you liked it Lindz & Alberta Ross!

    Loved interviewing Chester, Karlu 🙂 It was fun 🙂

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