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Stella Stargirl interviews Almira Sands and Daniel Logan

Howdy Stellaites!

Today I’ve got a special guest, one of whom is a mercenary! I’ve always found mercenaries to be pretty fascinating so it should be a fun interview. Still waiting to interview a pirate though, that’s my dream interview. Especially a dashing pirate like Johnny Depp. . . I’d sure like to hoist his Jolly Rog-

Oops, sorry got a bit distracted there. *blushes*

Anyway here’s the interview! Hope you enjoy it and, I’ve got a special announcement afterwards!


Question 1: First of all welcome, glad you agreed to be a guest on my blog! So, I’m sure all my fans are wanting to know (I know I sure am 😉 ) What is your relationship? Are you, you know, together, as in a couple?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is something much more complicated.

Question 2: How did you two meet? I bet there’s some sort of cool story there?

More recently Daniel kidnapped me.

 Question 3: Wow, this is to Daniel. What made you decide to help Alimira when she made a run for it? Sense of duty or something else?

She took a bullet when she had every right to let me die.

 Question 4: I’ve helped a few people in my career (Bit of an understatement really, my help-list must be in the thousands) and it’s always gave me such a great feeling. Was it the same for you Daniel?

I’m not an altruistic kind of a guy.

 Question 5: Almira, what is it what made you run away 12 years ago? If you don’t mind my asking of course.

 My father murdered my mother and he liked to use me as his sexual surrogate.

 Question 6: Wow, that man sounds like a complete scumbag. I hope he got his comeuppance. What happened to him? Did you end getting revenge at all? If not, do you intend to get revenge?

My father…(she turns away and leans into Daniel, he comforts her, he fields the question) No comment.

Question 7: So Daniel, you work as a mercenary right? Are you planning on joining Daniel in his career Almira?

I can use a gun if that’s what you’re asking. I can use a gun if that’s what you’re asking. But I don’t get any particular thrill from killing.

 Question 8: How long have you worked as a mercenary anyway? Any interesting war stories to tell, I could “spin a few yarns” as my old grandad used to say, about my superhero career so I expect as a mercenary you’ve got a few fun ones.

I never chose to be what I am and I’m no superhero.

Question 9: Made any major enemies throughout the line of your work Daniel?

The man who I worked for was the epitome of evil. So yeah, you could say that.

 Question 10: And of course I have to ask, I have met a few mercenaries in my career. Many who take any job no matter what. Are you like that or do you only take honourable jobs, whose aims you agree with?

 I don’t work for anyone now except for Almira.

Question 11: Moving back to the two of you. I bet things were a bit rocky between you at first. When did you start to care for Almira Daniel? And Almira, when did you forgive Daniel for kidnapping you?

 (she wraps her arms around him and says nothing) No comment.

Question 12: What made you decide to become a mercenary anyway? There’s plenty of other jobs available for a man of your talents?

My wife left me  for the man Almira thought was her father. She sent my daughter into that world. I haven’t seen either of them since.

Question 13: You’ve both been great guests. Thankyou very much for appearing. Now, is there anything else that you would like to add?

 (Abagail looks up) If you see a woman or child in trouble please, never hesitate to help them. You never know what’s really going on until you ask.

A great message that! May have to memorise it to use during one of my press conferences! It’s the sort of thing that the press love and, which will get a few sales of the latest Stella Stargirl action figure 😉

Well, thanks to Almira & Daniel for agreeing to be guests on my blog! I loved having you!

Now, Stellaites, in the next few days I’m going to have a very special guest appear on my blog! She is The Empire’s very own seductive, snake-charmer and a woman who looks very good for nearly 40, she –

(Nearly 40? I’m 34 you attention seeking twit! – Lady Adder)

Yes, I’ve agreed to appear on Stella’s stupid blog. Purely to stop her from whining and nagging about it, It’s not like I’m looking forward to it or anything. After all I’m not the sort to pander to the peasents like she is. So, look for my blog in the next few days. May be a bit delayed since unlike Stella, I actually do work beyond looking pretty for the camera and posing for magazines.


Lady Adder


Almira Sands & Daniel Logan are character’s from the upcoming novel ‘Another Way to Die’ by Amy McCorkle.

More information about Amy and the character’s from her novel can be found on her website her twitter account!/WhenDovesCryAA or on her blog

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