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Thoughts on my teammates: Lancaster

 Thoughts on my teammates: Lancaster!

Hello Stellaites! First of all, so sorry that there hasn’t been an update for a week or so. I’ve been really busy lately. First of all a supervillain attack in Hull (Damn you Great Khan) then one in Sunderland and even one in Crawley. Honestly, why would a villain decide to carry out villainous deeds in Crawley of all places?

 Then of course I had to model a new Vivienne Westwood wedding dress and, appear at a charity event so I’ve been unable to update my blog for a while!

 Anyway, I’m here now and tonight I’m going to give all my Stellaites a new look into my thoughts and feelings about some of my teammates in The Empire, starting with that dashing, noble hero and the leader of The Empire. Lancaster.

 Hmmmm where can I start. Just like the Lancaster Bomber was a symbol of British might during World War 2, Lancaster the superhero is a symbol of British might in modern times. Tall, broad, shouldered and admittedly very handsome (especially in his younger days although, the gray hair does make him look quite dignified) it’s no wonder really that he’s had a career spanning three decades.

 Many people don’t know this but Lancaster actually trained me. When I first got my powers many years ago, it was Lancaster who visited me in hospital. It was Lancaster who explained things and it was Lancaster who invited me to train to be a superhero with The Empire.

 I learnt a lot from him. He packs a powerful punch does Lancaster, many people don’t realise just what he is capable of. Indeed I’ve seen him outpace Mig 29 jets during an operation in the Middle East, seen him punch his way through a fortified building, get hit by an anti-aircraft missile and get up without a scratch. I have seen him take on the biggest and most dangerous supervillians in the world and he has always won.

 Even at the age of 58 there seems to be no slowing Lancaster down. It’s not just pure power that he brings to the team. Many people don’t realise this but not all of us in The Empire get along. Indeed, I honestly think the whole team would fall apart if Lancaster wasn’t there to hold us together.

 He’s an amazing man and a great hero. If you’re in trouble you can guarantee that Lancaster will go the ends of the world to help you. He’s also one of my best friends, I have to admit some times I think of him as a bit of a father figure.

 Lancaster can be a bit serious at times but really, it’s part of his charm. He’s a serious, dignified man which I think is part of his appeal, especially to middle aged women. I remember I went with him when he was giving a speech in Manchester, the amount of underwear that was thrown onto stage was unbelievable! He was a bit embarrassed by it, in fact I felt a bit embarrassed by it since a rather large pair of bloomers landed on my lap!

 But yeah, I don’t know what else to say about Lancaster. He’s a great guy, a great hero and as much of a symbol and talisman for Britain as the bomber from which he takes his name!

About stellastargirl

Hmmmm, where to start! I expect most folks who visit my website already know who I am. Unless you'ver been living under a rock or, unless you've had your mind wiped by a supervillain (Hey, it happens sometimes! Early on in my career I had to take out a villain who could wipe peoples minds, read about it in my autobiography!) Anyway, I'm Stella Stargirl. The world's most popular, most powerful and greatest superhero. I also won FHM's best hair award three years running and, my debut single was in the top-sellers chart for over 18 weeks! For those few who don't know about me (shame on you!) I'm 23 years old and have been working alongside Britain's main superhero team, The Empire for five years now. Of course, I'm the most popular member but they pull their weight during missions too! I don't want to get all the credit. :) Anyway, this is my blog where I will be blogging about my daily life as the most popular superhero in the world! I hope you enjoy it!

One response to “Thoughts on my teammates: Lancaster

  1. Nytre ⋅

    Love your blog Stella! Lancaster sounds like a cool hero!

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