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Thoughts on my teammates #2: Hotrod

Hello Stellaites!

Today I’m gonna give my thoughts on another my teammates, this time the speedster of The Empire. Hotrod.

First of all I don’t like him. He’s a douche and annoyingly, he is quite good looking with his floppy blonde hair, strong jaw and toned physique. Although the orange fake tan does let him down a bit.

But yeah, Hotrod is just a douchebag. He’s really arrogant, and I mean even more arrogant than Lady Adder is. He just seems to think that he is gods gift to the world and that his “super”powers are the best thing ever. (I quotation marked the word ‘super’ because really, his powers aren’t all that great. Especially when compared to my awesome powers. Energy blasts and flight are much better than poxy superspeed any day of the week)

His powers are useless too. All Hotrod is good for is using his speed to catch up with fleeing thieves and criminals (although I can easily do that since I’m much faster and I can fly!) He’s also okay at erm… I can’t think of much else. He may be one of the fastest men on the planet (Fastest in his inflated self-opinion, I still think the American superhero Comet is much faster!) but he is pretty useless. He’s a coward too, which I guess gives his powers some use since he can run from danger 😉

The most annoying thing about Hotrod though are his crowd of teenage fangirls who completely swarm over him. Seriously, it is so hard to fight crime or beat up the latest supervillain with a gaggle of screaming teenage girls watching. It’s also distracting when I’m giving interviews with them screaming for his autograph! Okay, I’ve got my fair share of fans (much more than Hotrod… or anyone else actually since I’m the most popular superhero in the world) but they are much less annoying than Hotrod’s fans.

He is also an attention seeker. I’ve lost count of the amount of times he has tried to force himself into my interviews and made stupid comments to try and get the cameras off him.

I best hope he doesn’t read this blog though! He is supposed to be my teammate after all, even if I don’t like him very much.

Love & Peace

Stella Stargirl

About stellastargirl

Hmmmm, where to start! I expect most folks who visit my website already know who I am. Unless you'ver been living under a rock or, unless you've had your mind wiped by a supervillain (Hey, it happens sometimes! Early on in my career I had to take out a villain who could wipe peoples minds, read about it in my autobiography!) Anyway, I'm Stella Stargirl. The world's most popular, most powerful and greatest superhero. I also won FHM's best hair award three years running and, my debut single was in the top-sellers chart for over 18 weeks! For those few who don't know about me (shame on you!) I'm 23 years old and have been working alongside Britain's main superhero team, The Empire for five years now. Of course, I'm the most popular member but they pull their weight during missions too! I don't want to get all the credit. :) Anyway, this is my blog where I will be blogging about my daily life as the most popular superhero in the world! I hope you enjoy it!

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