Hello folks,

Thanks for checking out the official blog of the world’s greatest superhero, myself, Stella Stargirl! 🙂

Here I will blog about my amazing superhero life, my new teammates in Britain’s main superhero team The Empire as well as have the occasional interview with special guests.

For those who don’t know, I am Stella Stargirl, the star of the superhero fantasy novel True Hero? by Jack Hessey which is due to be released in July 2011.

I hope you check out the other pages on my blog, including my various blog posts that can be found in categories and the other pages such as my bio, links to other websites and of course, the page about True Hero? itself where you can find the official blurb of the book.

Keep checking in for updates, in the buildup to the release of True Hero? I will soon add a sample chapter or two as well as some character bios to introduce you all to my teammates on The Empire as well as some of the supervillain’s I’ll be up against.

Thanks for reading!

Love and Peace

Stella Stargirl

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